Direct to Paradise: Tulum Now Just a Flight Away from Major US. Cities

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Good news for travelers and beach lovers! Tulum, one of Mexico’s treasured getaways, is now even more accessible with the unveiling of the Tulum International Airport, ready to launch its operations this festive December.

Taking the Excitement Sky High

VivaAerobus has already warmed up the runways with their announcement of direct flights from buzzing cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana. And guess what? Aeromexico has hopped aboard the vacation train, revealing their sun-kissed routes departing straight from the U.S. and Canada!

Cancun’s Little Sister Steps into the Spotlight

With Cancun International Airport bustling with sun-seekers, it was about time Tulum had its own gateway to paradise. As the winter season blankets North America, escape the chill with Aeromexico’s 14 direct flights from hotspots like Toronto, San Francisco, and Chicago. Yes, you heard right – direct flights straight into the heart of the Riviera Maya!

More Seats, More Adventures

Aeromexico is making sure there’s a seat for every beach lover, offering an impressive 221,000 seats monthly. They’ve beautifully connected key Mexican destinations like Cancun, Chetumal, and Cozumel, and now, the gem of Tulum shines brightly on their map.

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Your Golden Ticket to Tulum

Stay tuned, because Aeromexico is about to drop their flight itineraries and tickets. With the airline’s popularity soaring (no pun intended), it’s the perfect chance to grab your ticket to the azure waters and Mayan wonders of Tulum.

Wonders Beyond the Skies

But the excitement doesn’t stop at the airport. With the Mayan train’s upcoming debut, tourists are in for an immersive journey, connecting them to the heartbeats of the region.

Dreamy Days Ahead

The Mexican Caribbean’s charm isn’t slowing down. With the Tulum International Airport set to transform travel experiences, your dreamy Mexican vacation just got a whole lot dreamier. Get ready to dip your toes in Tulum’s pristine sands!

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