Tulum Airport: Opening Dates and First Airline

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For Tulum residents, travellers and investors alike – the wait for a much needed updating of transport to and from this popular tourist destination is finally over! As part of accelerating tourism infrastructure in the region, plans to expand the local airstrip have been realised with an official opening date now confirmed. Read on as we break down all that you need to know about the new upcoming opening of Tulum Airport; when flights will start operating, who will be running them, plus an exciting progress update around construction works already in motion.

The Opening Date and First Airline

After much speculation, it has been announced that Tulum Airport will officially open at the end of 2024. The airline running the first set of flights will be VivaAerobus – a Mexican budget carrier. This is great news for anyone looking to visit or invest in this region – as a budget carrier, VivaAerobus will be the perfect choice for those on a tighter budget.

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Progress Update

Recently President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited Tulum to inspect progress and provide support to the project development. He was joined by representatives from VivaAerobus and the Yucatan government, who have all been working diligently to ensure that this project will be ready for its grand opening at the end of 2024.

What Will Tulum Airport Mean For The Economy?

The opening of Tulum Airport will bring a wealth of economic benefits to the region. Not only will it help reduce the strain on Cancun Airport, but it will also create additional jobs from both direct and indirect sources. The influx of increased tourism due to the new airport means there will be more demand for local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and recreational activities. Additionally, local transport services such as taxis, shuttles and tour companies will also benefit from the new airport.

In addition to bringing in new visitors, Tulum Airport will also make it easier for people from the US to travel and do business in this region. This could mean increased investment opportunities, as well as trade deals between foreign companies and local businesses. The airport is even set to have a dedicated cargo terminal, which could help boost exports of local goods and services.

Despite its proximity, Chetumal Airport is currently not permitting direct flights from most US states , meaning passengers have to connect in Mexico City or even Cancun Airport. In comparison, Tulum Airport is set to have direct flights from most major cities in the United States and Canada, making travel to this area of Quintana Roo easier for visitors coming from abroad. This will be a great addition to the already vibrant tourism industry of Tulum and the surrounding area.

Who Will Be Flying To Tulum Airport?

Apart from VivaAerobus, other Mexican airlines such as Aeromexico, Interjet and Volaris have also stated their intention to fly to the new Tulum Airport. Additionally, international airlines such as American Airlines have hinted that they will soon be offering flights out of Tulum as well.

This means that visitors to the Riviera Maya will be able to easily access Tulum — both from within Mexico and elsewhere in the world. In addition, tourists who are already vacationing in other parts of Mexico can opt for a day trip to Tulum by taking one of these airlines’ direct flights to the new airport!

Tulum Airport is set to have the capacity to serve an impressive 5.5 million passengers annually and 32,000 yearly air operations in its very first phase — making it one of the most efficient airports in Mexico! This means that vacationers coming from all over will be able to quickly and conveniently access this wonderful area.

New international Tulum airport


With its opening just around the corner, Tulum Airport is already creating a buzz in the aviation industry. Its grand opening will undoubtedly open up many more opportunities for travelers to reach this stunning destination with ease and comfort. We are excited to see what’s in store when the doors of Tulum Airport finally open! Keep an eye out for more news about flights and airlines heading to this incredible area.

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