How to Get Benefits Investing in Real Estate in Tulum?

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By investing in Tulum you can enjoy economic benefits or even improve your quality of life, since you can invest in a property in this beautiful place or to grow your wealth.

If you would like to invest to generate income in the short and long term, I share with you how investors who are now earning thousands of dollars with their real estate investment do it.

Is it profitable to Rent in the conventional way in Tulum?

The traditional method of renting is still profitable, current and functional in 2022, and is expected to be in certain cases in the future as well. Although other forms have emerged that have proven more practical for certain owners, the reality is that it will remain a viable option.

Throughout the use of your property, you will be able to rent it out to users under annual contracts, so that your only concern will be to collect month-to-month payments and to get new tenants from time to time, either yourself or through an agency.

Share rentals, one of the favorites of foreigners.

The entire Riviera Maya is ideal for vacation rentals. Many investors rent beachfront properties for weeks or months at a time, with the expectation that they will generate great income during the summer and Easter seasons. 

Although it is accepted that the length of time the property will be occupied would be better than a traditional rental, the potential income of the vacation season is such that it makes this an attractive option and in the off-season it can be put into applications for year-round occupancy and profitability.

Earn profits by adding your property on Airbnb

According to the figures, the Airbnb platform calculates that owners can earn an additional $2,300 dollars per month by renting a property. Not bad for a property in which you invested and from which you might not expect to have a return for a long time.

It is also easier to manage your property on Airbnb than the other two past options, you just have to make sure to;

  • Ensure a pleasant stay with the basics.
  • High quality photos make a difference
  • Manage the price according to seasons and taking reference properties in the area.
  • A quick response is essential to create the best experience for guests.
  • Be specific with what your property has and also what it doesn’t have, it will help to have better ads.

I could give you more tips on how to be a good Airbnb host, but these are the essentials and basics to get you started. Once you get started you will be able to indicate on each of these and find other things to improve.

Tulum rentals

Improve your lifestyle in Tulum

Although you may not see immediate returns as you would with a rental, by living in a property its value continues to increase, so you can sleep knowing that the space you inhabit and your equity will be growing.

Resell and enjoy the return on your investment

As the properties continually accumulate value, they are a perfect option for resale over the years. If you need the money for a larger investment, you can be sure that what you have already invested in real estate can be used to sell and benefit from the great return on investment it offers.

So now you know: opt for a property that lends itself easily to versatility, so you can diversify your options and always get the best possible return depending on which one works best for you.

I can assure you that Tulum offers you capital gains, investment returns, exclusive tourism and quality of life. Since it has become a center of tourism and real estate development, which has attracted investments for some years. It is also a city of international stature, with more and more ambitious projects and important international events. Below I mention some of them, and by clicking on them you will be able to go deeper into the blog I wrote about them in detail. 

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Now that you have read this article, I hope it has planted a seed of curiosity about real estate investments, I invite you to share and comment if you have another idea to make money with your future property.

Also remember that if you are interested in investing in any area of the Riviera Maya, schedule a free consultation with me and I will give you all the information you need to find a suitable investment for your portfolio.

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