Sunny Updates from Playa Del Carmen: August 2023!


The vibrant and ever-evolving Playa Del Carmen is brimming with new surprises! As always, I am buzzing with excitement to share the latest sunny scoops from this tropical paradise. Let’s dive into the fun updates this August 2023:

Waxing Lyrical about Tussaud’s!

Hold onto your hats! An exciting Luis Tussaud Wax Museum is rising up. Many may mistake it for β€œMadame Tussauds,” but fun fact: Luis was the great-grandson of the famous Marie Tussaud. With similar delightful attractions, Playa Del Carmen now gets to flaunt its own wax wonder alongside cities like Niagara Falls and Pattaya. Located conveniently on the bustling 5th Avenue by Calle 14 Bis, this spot promises to be a sparkling addition to the Playa tourist trail.

Smiling Safely: Police Checkpoints Level Up

For those moments when you’re zipping around town, Playa’s police checkpoints just got a makeover! Ensuring everyone’s safety, these checkpoints have now got a new setup to streamline traffic, even during those tropical rain showers. It’s all about ensuring your vacation vibes stay uninterrupted.

Beachfront Facelift with a New Building

Playa’s scenic beachfront is getting a glamorous new neighbor! Remember the Fusion Restaurant on Calle 6 by the beach? In its place, a grand new hotel is making waves. It’s reshaping the iconic Playa silhouette, and we can’t wait to see it shine!

A Spruced-Up Colosio Avenue

Driving in Playa? Avenida Colosio has received some TLC with fresh curbs, new plantings, and clearer traffic signals. While there’s more to do, this revamp adds a splash of order and color to your drive!

All Aboard the Train Maya

The much-anticipated Train Maya is chugging along splendidly! Soon, it will weave around Playa, ensuring both locals and visitors can travel swiftly and in style.

Tren maya

Chic Store Alert on 5th Avenue!

Lower 5th Avenue is dazzling with a brand-new store, showcasing exquisite made-in-Mexico swimwear and fashion. It’s a trendy oasis amid the charming older buildings where Playa’s story began.

Green Days Ahead: Trees Flourishing on 5th Avenue

Remember the tree-planting drive in 2020? Those saplings are now reaching for the skies! The transformation is truly heartwarming.

Beach Day Just Got Better!

Wave hello to new public bathrooms by Call 44 beach entrance! Offering showers and changing rooms, they’re set to make your beach day even breezier.

Iconic Dive Shop Makes a Splashy Return

The much-loved Phantom Divers, with its iconic diver statue, has resurfaced on 5th Avenue. It’s a splendid comeback after a short hiatus!

Bidding a Sunny Adieu to The Pitted Date Restaurant

While I am a tad blue to see The Pitted Date Restaurant close in Playa, the good news is that its scrumptious delights continue to woo folks in Tulum.

Thank you for joining our sunny journey through Playa Del Carmen’s latest. With its ever-changing charm, Playa ensures there’s always something new under the sun to explore!

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