New Theme Park in Cancun

New Theme Park in Cancun

With the advent of various festivals and a new exciting theme park, Cancun and the rest of Quintana Roo are constantly expanding their tourism attractions. Summer statistics appear to be soaring, prompting the announcements.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Cancun and the rest of the state have seen stratospheric growth as tourists flock to the state in quest of sun and sea. However, visitors may expect even more in the coming future as the region invests in innovative new attractions.Cancun is getting a new theme park-style complex, one of the most intriguing tourist attractions. The massive 250-square-meter project will feature various activities, including several world-record-breaking attractions.

Although no schedule for the project appears to have been established, it is safe to infer that it will not be completed before 2022. Erected on the beach in front of the Moon Palace in Cancun, the massive complex is expected to provide about 5000 employments in the local economy. Malltertainment is a project that aims to serve as a primary center for socializing and enjoyment where friends and family may spend a lot of time. A 7,500-seat theatre, an amusement park, an ice rink, and the world’s longest go-kart track are all part of the proposals. There will also be 80,000 square meters of water; however, it is unclear if this will be a water park or something else. Restaurants, shops, and other conventional tourist attractions are available to visitors.

The state is also establishing other festivals, taking a more cultural approach. The introduction of the Mexican Caribbean Gastronomic Festival was particularly noteworthy. This year’s event will be in Puerto Juarez on the 24th and 25th of June. It is a relatively young town that was developed only for tourism and has managed to fully engage many of its guests with the culture of Quintana Roo. The food festival aims to present tourists with the state’s rich heritage by bringing together 11 different towns to promote the delicacies enjoyed in the area. The event is expected to shift around every year to encourage people to explore new parts of the city.

They are minor advances compared to the massive improvements in other parts of the state. The Maya Train’s arrival will change the face of tourism in the region. Quintana Roo’s cultural tourism potential is enormous. Even though the area is rich in history, gastronomy, and legacy, millions of visitors never leave their hotel rooms. Those who come to see the cultural monuments remain closer to them.

The Maya Train will make the state accessible to everyone, allowing visitors to stay in one of Cancun’s excellent hotels while quickly visiting sites such as Chichen Itza. Guests will be able to explore the whole length and width of the coastline with ease, providing a unique holiday experience.

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