Live In The Riviera Maya


Forget the cold - here you will find an exceptional climate that ranges between 75.2º and 77º F throughout the year. Any season you choose, you will enjoy a pleasant and warm climate at all times. On top of it, if you are a lover of the ocean, you will be amazed by the Mexican Caribbean with its white beaches and turquoise waters. In the Maya Riviera, you will truly experience one of the most beautiful paradises the world has to offer.


One of the most frequently asked questions when hearing the word ‘Mexico’ is - “is it safe?”
Thanks to the fact that the largest amount of income in the region comes from tourism, the municipal government has taken charge to ensure that The Riviera Maya is a safe and friendly place for both tourists and residents.


Life is better by the sea! The Riviera Maya is well known for a good quality of life. It has become a destination for many couples who are planning their retirement and those seeking a more quiet and relaxed and healthy Caribbean lifestyle. Happy inhabitants of this area see positive changes such as:
-Improvement with respiratory issues -Stabilized blood pressure -Reduced stress -Feeling more blissed and content.


Furthermore The Riviera Maya has so much more to offer than tranquility and relaxation.
The true magic of this place lies in the diversity of its activities - you will find beach clubs, water parks, golf clubs, cenotes, islands, ruins, nightlife and endless possibilities to discover.


The warm weather and beautiful environment inspires everyone to have a more active lifestyle. From young to old, everyone who visits this area can choose a healthy lifestyle. You might want to go for a run to the beach, ride a bicycle, swim in the cenotes, practice diving, or just venture into the practice of yoga and meditation. Whatever your favorite activity is, you will always find a friend to accompany you.


Tourism has become the main source of income for the Riviera Maya, reaching 24 million visits per year.
Now that we enjoy a healthy economy, every year there are new, modern developments under construction. In the future, it will become a one of the major sustainable tourism areas in the world.


The Mayan culture is considered one of the most sophisticated in the history of our country. A large part of the Riviera is made up of the sacred heritage that the Mayans left behind. The Ruins, now considered a World Heritage Site, are an amazing place to visit and discover its stories full of magic and mysticism.



The culinary scene is undoubtedly one of the things that you will like the most in the region. The cuisine of the Riviera Maya has influences from a variety of cultures and offers a unique mix between Spanish and Mexican food made with fresh ingredients from the Mayan culture and seafood from the Caribbean.


If you would require any medical assistance during your stay, you will have public and private hospitals, professional doctors and access to all kinds of specialists.