The Best Places to Live in Riviera Maya

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One of the least unsafe places in the Riviera Maya is Akumal. So it could be one of the best options to live in the area.

With beautiful homes and apartments in gated communities, high-value areas, and even right on the beach, the real estate market in the Riviera Maya is booming. 

If you are thinking about moving to the Riviera Maya or buying a second home here, you will want to know a lot of details before making a decision. No doubt you already know about the beautiful beaches this region of Mexico has and the picturesque towns along the coast. But, one topic that is always important to know about is growth and security.

How safe is it to live in Riviera Maya?

The short answer is: yes, it is safe to live in the Riviera Maya. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that like anywhere else in the world, even in the safest places, something can always happen.

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The Riviera Maya is generally safe to live in. For example, Akumal, (learn more about Akumal) one of the most picturesque beach towns in the area, is considered one of the best places to live in the Mexican Caribbean. 

Compared to Cancun, there are destinations in the Riviera Maya that have all the benefits of being in the best region of Mexico and, at the same time, being a quieter place that offers a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. Such is the case of Akumal, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, picturesque beach towns that offer a good quality of life. If you would like to know more about the safety and lifestyle of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, visit the articles below.

If you are seriously considering buying a home in the Riviera Maya, then we recommend that you first visit different areas and spend several days there, so you can get a real feel for the area and the local people. 

Now let’s talk about economic growth.

Why invest in the Riviera Maya?

Real estate investment in the Riviera Maya is a solid option to diversify capital with the possibility of generating great profits with benefits in a medium to long-term period, taking into consideration that the value of real estate assets is not affected by inflation and the tourist demand is one of the highest in Mexico, with one of the highest growth and capital developments, thus being the new ideal scenario for real estate investors.

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According to the latest estimates of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) and the National Tourism Business Council, Mexico rose from seventh to third place in 2021 in the list of countries that receive the most international tourists, and the Riviera Maya is one of the destinations with the highest hotel and vacation recovery during the pandemic period.

The Riviera Maya continues to be the most consolidated tourist market in the country, with a diverse and loyal offer, it is a destination with great potential for economic growth, even with the effects of the COVID pandemic, because it has a tourist infrastructure that responds to the needs of all kinds of visitors, from rustic cabins by the sea, to large complexes composed of hotels, marinas and golf courses, generating high income for the tourism sector in the country. 

Finally, I invite you to know all the properties in the Riviera Maya that we have available. If you have any questions or would like to receive personalized advice, write me an email or contact me by phone at the number at the bottom of the page.

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