Is it expensive to Live in Akumal?

Swim with tutules in Akumal

It depends on the point of comparison, it is more expensive than Playa del Carmen, but a little cheaper than Tulum.

Let it be clear that Akumal is a beautiful place to live. Really, this place is incomparable, it has a beautiful beach with a very calm sea. It is a place where you can live, work and your children can study. In short, this town has the complete package.

Cost of living in Akumal in 2022

  • The cost of living in Akumal depends on your budget and lifestyle preferences. Whether you want to live a luxurious life or a little more modestly. Either way, in this beautiful area of the Mexican Caribbean, you can live the way you want to live.
    Below, I list the essential expenses you should take into account month to month, such as food, transportation, housing, utilities and recreation.

    Utilities: such as electricity, water, gas, garbage, landline phone and internet: the cost for these public and private utilities usually cost around 170 USD per month.


  • Cell phone service: in Mexico there are different cell phone providers and all of them have very similar prices. On average, you will be spending around 35 USD per month.

  • Domestic service: throughout the country, it is very common to have domestic help to take care of the cleaning of the house. This will cost you around 100 USD per month for 1 cleaning service per week.

  • Groceries for 2 people: food in supermarkets and local markets is quite affordable in the Riviera Maya. With 250 or 300 USD per month, you will be able to buy a good pantry for 2 people.

  • Entertainment: (restaurants, bars, tourist sites) for 2 people: this item depends entirely on your tastes and lifestyle. Take as a reference between 500 and 600 USD per month. 

  • Gasoline: of course, the cost of gasoline will depend entirely on the car you have and how much you use it, but you can take as a reference about 250 USD per month. 

  • Medical insurance: it is very important that you have a private medical insurance to take care of any ailment or medical emergency that may arise. In Mexico, you can have a good private medical insurance, paying around 75 USD per month.  

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Ready to take the big step and move to Akumal?

Akumal offers everything you could need and desire to live with tranquility in a beautiful beach destination. Modern infrastructure, natural wealth, extraordinary gastronomy and fantastic residential complexes with the comforts to enjoy every day, either alone, as a couple or as a family.

Now I would like to recommend two properties, ideal for family living.


House located in Akumal. This house is an ideal place for those who are looking for a refined and luxurious environment for their vacations. 

Built at the entrance of the Yal-Ku lagoon, it has a unique view of both the ocean and the lagoon and has direct access to the lagoon, a natural aquarium.

Built a minimalist style with pure and simple lines that allow full integration with the natural surroundings.

4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, private pool and everything you need to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of AKUMAL

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Real estate in Akumal


Spaces full of harmony and peace, where time does not exist. We are inspired by nature and you will feel it throughout the project, wherever you are. Wherever you look you will find a connection with the sky, the sea, the sand and the jungle.

12 condos – 2 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms

AMENITIES; Private terrace, Common area, Nature, Grand Sirenis Hotel, Tao Wellness Center, Jungle Fish Beach Club.

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Real estate investment

If you would like to know more properties in the area or have any questions, please email or call +52 984 203 3947

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