Best Cenotes to Visit in Tulum

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Swimming in a cenote is definitely an adventure that you can not miss if you are in the Riviera Maya, so I made a list for you with the intention to enjoy them.

Do You Know What a Cenote is?

The cenotes are wells or caverns that have great depth and are fed by the filtration of rain and rivers that are nearby, were sacred to the Mayans and today, they have become part of our heritage, they are undoubtedly the biggest tourist attractions of Tulum.

Best 5 Cenotes in Tulum

Gran Cenote

Is one of the most popular in the area, Gran cenote is perfect for snorkeling and swimming in a natural environment and offers access to one of the largest underwater cave systems ever explored, you are sure to find swallow bat turtles and other wildlife. (remember not to touch the animals) is very close to Tulum, 8 minutes by car. It has a green area and hammocks where you can dry yourself under the sun’s rays.

Cenote Azul

You can create your own tour by having a set of outdoor cenotes that is connected by walkways with different depths and diving platforms, at the bottom of these cenotes thanks to its crystal clear water you can observe the flora and fauna that is inside them.

Cenote Caracol

This cenote is semi-open has spiral-shaped stairs to swim between its rocky walls this place is a 35 minute drive to the center of Tulum, it has a park and a restaurant where you can relax and have some snacks after your adventure inside the cenotes.

Cenote caracol tulum

Cenote Zacil-ha

Here you will find zip lines and pools in addition to the cavern, so do not hesitate to take your whole family, it is important that you know that the deepest point of this cenote is 2.7 meters, you can also bring your own picnic.

Cenote Carwash

If what you are looking for is dive Cenote CarWash is the option, since it is accessible and very quiet, it is located on the Tulum-coba road it is said that this place was used by taxi drivers who passed by to wash their cars

 This is why CENOTE CAR WASH is its current name.

Now that you know some cenotes that you can visit in Tulum here are some: 


    1. Remember that the temperature of the water in a pool is a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius , so we advise you to wear a neoprene swimsuit.
    2. Preferably wear water shoes, since as we mentioned before, the cenotes have rocky areas and could make you uncomfortable.
    3. Wearing a life jacket will make you feel safer when swimming in a cenote if you consider it necessary, there are cenotes where its use is mandatory, always follow the rules.
    4. Shower before into a cenote any chemical can severely damage the flora and fauna found there.

Following these tips you will be contributing to the preservation of our heritage and will undoubtedly make you spend incredible moments.

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