10 Things to Do in Tulum


Are you looking for the perfect getaway? Tulum is the place to be! Not only does it have some of the world’s most stunning beaches, but there are also plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. From exploring ancient Mayan ruins and tasting delicious local cuisine, to swimming in crystal clear cenotes and exploring lush jungles, there’s something in Tulum for everyone. Whether you’re travelling solo or with your family, you won’t want to miss out on all that this amazing destination has to offer – so read on if you need help planning your trip!

Best Things To Do In Tulum

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Visit The Ancient Mayan Ruins

The Tulum Ruins are an unmissable part of any trip to this region. Set against a stunning backdrop of white sand and azure sea, these impressive structures give visitors a peek into the life of the ancient Maya. Take some time to explore, enjoy the spectacular views and snap some incredible photos.

Swim In A Cenote

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to thousands of underground rivers, known as cenotes. They’re perfect for swimming and snorkelling, with crystal clear waters that are simply too beautiful to be missed! Make sure you visit one while you’re in Tulum – there are plenty to choose from.

Explore The Wildlife

Tulum is home to some amazing wildlife, including monkeys, toucans and jaguars. Take a trip into the jungle and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot them in their natural habitat. If you’re lucky enough to spy a jaguar, remember to keep your distance!

Sample The Local Cuisine

Mexican food is known for its flavourful and spicy dishes, so make sure you try some while you’re in Tulum. From tacos and tamales to ceviche and chilaquiles, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. Plus, it’s much cheaper than eating at the resorts!

Visit Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

This incredible nature reserve is home to a huge variety of wildlife, and it’s an absolute must-see if you’re in Tulum. Take a guided tour and you’ll get the chance to explore the jungle and spot some fascinating creatures, such as manatees and toucans.

Relax On The Beach

With its beautiful white sand and turquoise waters, Tulum’s beaches are the perfect place to relax and unwind. The resorts have plenty of hammocks for you to kick back in, or if you’d prefer, there are plenty of bars and restaurants serving up delicious seafood dishes.

Take A Boat Tour

Hop on a boat and you’ll get the chance to explore some of Tulum’s stunning offshore islands. Spend a day swimming, snorkeling, and sailing, or just relax in the sun with an ice-cold drink. There’s something for everyone!

Visit Akumal Beach

Β This beautiful beach is home to a colony of sea turtles and it’s the perfect spot for snorkeling. Spend an afternoon exploring the coral reefs and saying hello to the friendly sea creatures – you won’t forget this experience in a hurry!

Shop At Mercado 23

This traditional market has everything from handcrafted souvenirs to delicious local snacks. Take some time to explore and you’ll find plenty of unique items that make perfect gifts for friends and family back home.

Go Night Diving

Tulum is known for its vibrant nightlife, and it’s the perfect place to experience something a little different. Join a night dive and you’ll get the chance to spot all sorts of amazing sea creatures as you explore the depths of the ocean.

Conclusion for Visiting Tulum

No matter what type of holiday you’re looking for, Tulum is sure to have something for everyone. With its stunning beaches, fascinating culture and wonderful wildlife, it’s an unforgettable destination that will stay with you long after your trip is over. So why not start planning your trip today and make some unforgettable memories in Tulum? If you’re looking for somewhere to eat while in Tulum, there are plenty of great options to choose from. From traditional Mexican restaurants serving up tacos and tamales to beachfront seafood spots dishing out the freshest catches of the day, there’s something for every taste and budget.

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