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Better known as The 7 Colors Lagoon or the Maldives of Mexico, Bacalar is a tourist treasure that holds pirate stories and countless mysteries. Due to its small community and untouched nature, it has become a favorite destination for those who want to get away from the city and enjoy a more quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Its beautiful, shallow and stunning blue waters invite you to have fun, from swimming to kayaking or paddleboarding. Bacalar is the new place to be. For this reason, lots of foreign investment is coming in and its infrastructure is growing. One of the major things happening this year will be the inauguration of the Oncology hospital in Chetumal. Since Bacalar is growing steadily, the community and local government is actively ensuring that its growth will preserve the natural beauty and be sustainable.


Bacalar is home to an eco-friendly population. Over the years, its inhabitants concerned with protecting their flora and fauna have built a culture of respect for the environment. That even lead to the fact that for many years they kept the ruins of Ichkabal as a secret, a temple that is said to be more vast and older than the famous ruins of Chichen Itza. National Geographic announced its official opening to the public between for 2020/2021. A further indicator that the lagoon will be another highlight in beautiful Mexico and a hot spot for investors.
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